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Welcome to Services I offer

II have been a jeweler for over 50 years creating custom jewelry and repairs. Below is a list of the services I offer. if you have any questions. please contact me.












If you are in need of jewelry repair or would like to discuss any of my other services,  I am at the Discovery Gallery In Gualala CA. 39140 CA-1, Gualala, CA 95445

Please call me (707) 882-2441 or email me at

for further information


















  • Restring Liquid Silver Necklaces

  • Ring Sizing

  • Beef Up Ring Shanks

  • Repair Chains

  • Repair Earrings

  • Repair Bracelets

  • Repair Bangles

  • Repair Necklaces

  • Repair Indian Jewelry

  • Cut and replace Stones

  • Earring Conversions - post to clip or clip to post



  • Silverware (forks, knives, spoons)

  • Silver Flatware (trays, handles, candlesticks)

  • Silver  Plated Flatware

  • Silver Antiques


I can rework some old or missing parts of antique items

Sorry, I do not do Replating




  • Repair of your costume jewelry

  • Replace rhinestones

  •  Replace clips on earrings

  • Convert earrings -  post to clips or clips to post

  • A variety of other repairs along this line









I do a variety of silver related antique items:

  • Candelabras

  • Lights

  • Trays with broken handles or feet

  • Teapots or water pitchers with dents, handles or feet broken off

  • Inkwells repaired

  • Old fashioned Charcoal toasters

  • Brass polishing (doorknobs, hinges, pots & lock sets)

  • Pewter figurines & statue repair





  • Solder metal eyglass frames

  • Repair or replace hinges on plastic eyeglass frames

  • I am not able to repair Titanium frames















  • I will creat an exquisite piece of jewelry using one of my designs or yours.

  • Anything your mind can imagine I can create using your metals and stones or mine.

  • If you have jewelry that you are tired of, I can recreate something new and different for  you

  • I will melt down your old broken jewelry and make something exquisite just for you

  • I can hand carve a wax to your design or hand fabricate a piece to your liking.



















  • Ring Sizing

  • Beef Up Ring Shanks

  • Repair Chains

  • Repair Earrings

  • Repair Bracelets

  • Repair Bangles

  • Repair Necklaces

  • Reset Stones

  • Rplace Missing Stones

  • Convert Earrings  - Post to Clips or Clips to Posts










  • Inside RingEngraving

  • Monograms

  • Engrave plastic or metal nametags and  name plates

  • Engrave a variety of trays, goblets, watches, picture frames and pens

If you don't see it on this, please contact me





  • Restringing and Knotting Pearls

  • Beads

  • Liquid Silver

  • Liquid Rain

  • Squash Blossom Necklaces



Don't Forget!!


24 Hours a day you can find more of my jewelry available for sale at

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