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I am a self-taught international
Gold and Silversmith,
the product of an architect (my father)
and an artist (my mother). 
I used these talents in my
retail jewelry store for 30 years before coming to the coast.

My San Francisco roots called me back to the northern California coast, so I sold my store in Ohio, and headed to Irish Beach, in Mendocino County.

I have now been on the Caslifornia coast
for 20 years.

My coastal surroundings play a large part in my designs of my jewelry and in my
precious metal sculptures. 

I start with a general idea in mind but I am also influenced by the materials and the stones that I am working with.
If I am designing a custom piece for a client,
I collaborate with that person to create
the art that speaks to her or him. 
I use this same philosophy in carving my
wax designs. My ideas, influences, and the creative process itself seems to flow into
the wax; I see something in my mind and
cut away everything else.

I believe that  jewelry should be an attribute to the human body as a painting is to a room or a sculpture is to that special
place in a home, building, or yard.
I work with all types of stones: natural specimen, faceted stones, or cabochons.  I marry them with gold or silver to create a unique wearable piece of art or a treasured precious metal sculpture.

Devoted to my craft, I am a Gemological Institute of America  associate member and
a member of North Coast Artists Guild, the Arts Council of Mendocino County, The Mendocino Art center and Gualala Arts Center,
My  creative designs are on display at the Prentice Gallery in Mendocino and the Discovery Gallery in Gualala. and in the Elk Artists Collective

You can also see my works of art 24 hours a day 7 days a week at


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